Terms & conditions

This document aims to set out the terms and conditions under which we (Poppyfield Gardens) will operate for you (the Customer). This is not a contract and should not be seen as such, however your acceptance of these terms and conditions is required prior to us commencing work.

We, Poppyfield Gardens, are a small business partnership registered with HMRC for the purposes of owning and operating a garden design, build and maintenance company. The company directors are:

Emma Harris

Paul Thompson



  • Rates and pricing. Please contact us for specific information on our prices


General Maintenance

The price we charge is based on two operators working and includes costs for fuel, travel and maintenance of tools and equipment.

The minimum rate is for one hour’s general labour (e.g. hedge cutting, lawn mowing, weeding etc.) and a rate of £ per hour is charged up to four hours worked. Any hours over this will be charged at a day rate of £.

If for any reason only one operator is available for work, we will charge a rate of £ per hour up to four hours worked. Any hours over this will be charged at a day rate of £.

For all other work e.g. planting, construction, design etc. a written quotation will be given.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend hours of work in cases of ill health, inclement or extreme weather conditions. However, we will inform you of this as soon as is practical.

Any unforeseen work which is not scheduled or is subsequently requested by you, the customer, shall be agreed and quoted for at our discretion.

As we are a small company we are not VAT registered.


  • Plants and materials.


All plants and materials supplied by us will remain the property of Poppyfield Gardens until full payment is received. We reserve the right to re-possess any plants and/or materials supplied by us if payment is not received within a reasonable timescale. We will consider negotiation of payment terms if circumstances merit/allow.

Following completion of planting, the customer assumes full responsibility for the welfare and maintenance of plants unless prior agreement has been reached with us to conduct maintenance.

We do not accept liability for any plants failing due to poor aftercare by you, the customer. Any issues with plants failing in this way must be taken up with the original supplier or nursery.


  • Designs and planning


No fee’s will be charged for enquiries regarding general maintenance work or work not requiring any prior planning on our behalf.

A fee of £ per hour will be charged for consultation pertaining to design, planting schemes or construction work.

Subsequent design work, planting plans or construction plans will be subject to an additional fee charged on an individual basis.


  • Waste disposal


We are now registered as waste carriers to enable us to dispose of commercial waste. Waste can be removed from your premises by us and will be disposed of at a licensed waste disposal site in Hereford. This is not a free service as the disposal of commercial waste is, in itself a commercial interest. We are charged by weight and will therefore make a charge to the customer to cover this cost. This cost will almost always be much cheaper than hiring a skip. The decision to remove waste will be made by us in consultation with you as it will not always be economically viable to do so if the quantity is too small. We can provide green bags from the council for a fee, or arrange skip hire to be paid for by you the customer. Please note, if the skip is to be placed on the roadside, a fee will be charged by the council for granting a permit to do this. We can liaise with the council on your behalf to arrange this.

Our Waste Carriers registration is issued by the Environment Agency.

Our registration number is CBDL218801 and can be viewed online

at the Environment Agency website under Public Registers or

by clicking on a copy of the PDF file here 

  • Payments


Payments for work undertaken are requested to be forwarded to us within 14 days. Payments can be made to us in cash, cheque or via bank transfer. We reserve the right to demand payment for goods and services received upon completion if we feel payment will not be forthcoming within 14 days.

If payments are not received within the stated timeframe, we reserve the right to cancel future work for the non-paying customer until such time as the outstanding amount is paid. We will look to recover any costs or payments through a legal process should this be required.

No payments are required prior to work being completed* but it must be noted that once we have ordered specific plants for your garden, following acceptance of our quotation, costs may be incurred by you if amendments to the design are requested resulting in plants received not being required.

(*In some instances part payment may be requested if required, for example during long term projects to allow for construction schedules and project payments to suppliers to be met.)



  • Rented/leased property

We are happy to carry out work on rented/leased property providing prior authorisation has been sought and received by the landlord and/or tenant. We will not be held responsible for any issues regarding tenant/landlord disagreements arising from work completed in cases of permission not being sought or given.


Emma Harris & Paul Thompson

Poppyfield Gardens

Poppyfield Gardens

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